Laura Starkey Reflexology ITEC, Dip, CThA, AoR For Wooburn Green, near High Wycombe, Bucks

Typical Session. reflexsession

A full treatment usually lasts around an hour. (Although the first treatment is likely to be around an hour and a half as a thorough consultation will be needed so that I can build up a picture of your current state of health/needs and how best to tailor my treatment.) You will be settled into a reclining reflexology chair and shoes and socks are removed. Some gentle massaging and warm-up techniques on the feet and lower legs ensure that you are relaxed and ready for your treatment. Calming music is played while a medium pressure is then applied to specific reflex points on both feet. You are encouraged to close your eyes and simply 'drift off' while you enjoy the sensations and pampering touch.

After the treatment I will feed back to you my findings while you have a glass of water. You should feel calm and relaxed after your treatment but everyone responds differently to reflexology and how you feel directly afterwards can often reflect your physical and emotional state prior to your treatment. You may feel more relaxed or energized or a great release of tension or you could feel tired and sleepy. Sometimes the reflexology may result in the urge to go to the toilet more frequently or may seem to bring out a cold or virus that was previously brewing!

You will be encouraged to take it easy for the rest of the day after your treatment, to let your body rest and to promote self-healing. Drinking plenty of water over the next 24-48 hours following your treatment is essential to help dilute any toxins that the body decides to excrete and in order to help minimize adverse reaction.

The benefits can often be felt after just a single session but it is generally recommended to have regular treatments to get the full benefit that reflexology can offer and to maintain a full state of homeostasis.

Testimonial - "Immediately after having Laura's treatment my body responded by feeling great, better than in a long time. With my own background in Medicine I found Laura's explanations clear and honest. I had an ongoing mild medical issue that immediately improved. I had felt tired and despondent but straight away felt rejuvenated after treatment. I fully recommend Laura." SW-P, Wooburn Green.

Testimonial - "Laura is a very welcoming and caring person, she immediately puts you at ease and is very approachable and easy to talk to. It's always a pleasure to have a reflexology session with Laura as I always feel so relaxed and free after my sessions. I thoroughly enjoy every session and truly recommend her as a therapist." RV - Slough.

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