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Welcome to my website. My name is Laura. I am a fully insured, ITEC qualified, reflexologist. Originally a music teacher, I retrained as a reflexologist The Richdales Institute in London, under Kate Mullis, qualifying in 2014. I am passionate about reflexology and the many benefits that it has on your health.

I am based in Wooburn Green, just outside of Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire and treat people from many different areas of the Chilterns. Home visits are available upon request to local areas.

As a fully insured, ITEC qualified, full member of the Association of Reflexologists (MAR), you can be assured of the best possible care & professionalism at all times. Reflexology is a deeply relaxing, holistic therapy and through gentle pressure and specific massaging of reflex points on the feet, reflexology helps to activate the body's own self-healing. With around 7,000 nerve endings being stimulated in a single treatment, reflexology treats the body as a whole and endeavours to get to the root of any problems.
Trained by Sally Earlam

I continually attend CPD training courses and seminars to ensure that I am fully up to date with the latest thinking and ways of treating. I have extra specialist training in the areas of Reflexology for Preconception, Pregnancy & Post Natal Care as well as Mindful Reflexology supporting Stress, Anxiety & Depression and Cancer care.

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Testimonial - " I started seeing Laura towards the end of last year in a bid to help with fertility. We had been trying for a year with no success and I had read that reflexology might help things along. I really enjoyed all my sessions with Laura - they really helped me relax and trust that it would happen for us. A few months later I am pleased to say that I fell pregnant and am now thoroughly looking forward to getting back to Laura to keep me feeling calm and comfortable throughout my pregnancy. I highly recommend Laura to anyone - drifting off for an hour is pure bliss:)" Emma, Prestwood.

Testimonial - "I highly recommend Laura and her treatments. I had never had reflexology before and she made me feel very at ease and comfortable. She spends time getting to know you during the consultation and the treatment itself was extremely relaxing and enjoyable. The room smelt very aromatic and the music was soothing. When she explains the pressure points and what she picks up through massaging, it is extremely interesting and quite unbelievable how accurate she is! She is fantastic at what she does and I am looking forward to returning." Charlotte, Flackwell Heath.

Testimonial - "Laura's reflexology not only pinpointed areas of concern that I already knew about but also less prominent areas. She also has an overall holistic knowledge and approach regarding general well being and health. This isn't just a foot massage as some think, but beneficial therapy." Rosie, Beaconsfield.

Testimonial - " I came to Laura after being diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome. I was trying to conceive and the PCOS just wasn't helping things. I wanted to try reflexology to boost my fertility and Laura was just what I was looking for. It was amazing to see what my feet were telling her treatment after treatment and to see the progression I was making. She helped me to balance my hormones and start ovulating again. Laura was a delight and offered a professional yet kind service right from my home that I'm truly thankful for." Claire, High Wycombe.

Testimonial - "As a reflexologist myself, I know exactly what I am looking for in a therapist and Laura ticks all the boxes. Her treatments are totally relaxing (I often fall asleep) as well as great at identifying imbalance in my body. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting a treatment and will be sure to be back for another set of sessions. Thank you Laura and keep up the great work."Azra, High Wycombe.

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